Customs clearance with BTG Internationale Spedition (Bavaria Transport Group)

Foreign economic activity is impossible without qualitative and fast Customs clearance. All types of goods carried across the border are obliged to pass this procedure. Incorrectly prepared documents can cause delays in delivery, bring huge financial losses, and also lead to criminal liability of the importer. And our team of professionals will help to avoid such unpleasant situations.

How we are working:

Customs clearance of goods is a responsible procedure consisting the following stages:

Even before the shipment, we check for compliance prepared shipping documents for the cargo, tariff and certify the goods, if it’s needed. If you haven’t passed Customs clearance at the particular Customs post before, we will register you for free at this post as a participant in foreign economic activity. BTG International Spedition managers also contact the Customs terminal staff through which the cargo will pass, coordinate and clarify all details of the preparation of documents. This stage is very important, it allows to avoid a lot of problems related to further passage of cargo through customs.

After verification of documents by our company’s managers and customs officers, corrections are made, and the complete set of accompanying documents is completed with necessary papers, letters, certificates, statements, etc.

After making all adjustments and completing the documents, our managers give the “green light” to the shipment

When the goods arrive at Customs, Customs inspectors verify the correctness of the documents in accordance with the customs regime, the availability of all the details and data, as well as the payment of accrued customs payments

In case of timely fulfillment of all the above conditions, in practice, your Customs declaration will be issued on the day of filing it and you goods will be delivered without delay to the consignee

При своевременном выполнение всех вышеуказанных условий, на практике, Ваша ГТД будет выпущена в день подачи декларации, и мы сможем без задержек доставить груз получателю.

The BTG group offers Customs clearance services in Russia and Europe with its own brokerage license. We successfully passed the Customs clearance of such goods as equipment and spare parts, medical goods, chemical products, building materials, fabrics and textile products, furniture and consumer goods

Services provided by BTG:

Customs clearance of goods in the Russian Federation and European countries:
The professional customs clearance of goods carried out by the company ensures the prompt passage of the goods by the Customs and saving of your money. Complex services of cargo delivery and customs clearance will allow BTG Internationale Spedition’s clients to concentrate on developing their business!

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