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Supply logistics with BTG Internationale Spedition (BAVARIA TRANSPORT GROUP)

– is the guarantee of the stable operation of your company

We suggest you entrust the purchase and delivery of the required materials, equipment and other goods from Europe, America and Asia in one hand, so that you can focus more on your core business. Supply logistics is a logistics section responsible for planning, ordering and procurement of goods such as equipment and components for production needs, materials for the construction of facilities etc.
The purpose of supply logistics is to meet the needs of the enterprise in resources with the greatest possible savings.

Advantages of working with BTG:
BTG International Spedition provides complex procurement logistics services of enterprises, industries and construction sites. We have developed an optimal logistics strategy characterized by high efficiency.
The process of procurement logistics includes the following steps:

  1. We sign a procurement contract with your company
  2. Our specialists analyze the required product or market sector
  3. We sign a contract with a foreign producer for the supply of goods
  4. You order the goods from the Russian company and pay the bill in rubles
  5. We convert rubles into currency and pay for the order to the supplier
  6. We consolidate your shipments and perform transportation
  7. We import goods into the territory of the Russian Federation, processing certification, if it’s needed, pay customs fees and pass customs clearance
  8. We deliver to you the goods with the Russian shipping documents

The organization of supply logistics from the company BTG International Spedition Ltd. gives you a lot of advantages:

  • Extensive geography of presence and multilingual staff of BTG allows us in a short time to find suppliers, negotiate in English, German or their native language of the country of the supplier
  • A large number of vehicles of the BTG company and partner companies allows us in a short time to provide a vehicle for loading, carry out professional planning for the delivery of goods by road, as well as by sea and air transport
  • BTG consolidation warehouses located in Russia and in many countries of Europe enable to store goods in warehouses in advance and deliver them to the client in the agreed terms
  • The availability of customs broker’s licenses and relevant experience among the staff of BTG make possible to pass the Customs clearance professionally and in a short time

For the trading and manufacturing companies procurement logistics is an integral factor in development and stability of the work. Therefore, it is better to entrust logistics to a team of professionals who have the necessary material and technical support and a vast experience.

BTG is the best choice to procurement of your company!

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