Airfreight with BTG Internationale Spedition (BAVARIA TRANSPORT GROUP) 

efficiency, accuracy, safety

The organization of airfreight is deservedly popular and the most up-to-date way of transportation of urgent, valuable and small-sized consignments.  Quick delivery service with maximum cargo safety are the main features of air cargo transportation. Significantly exceeding the speed of delivery by any other types of transport, airfreight in many cases is the only possible and the most appropriate way of rapid transportation of goods to the point of destination.

We have long-standing business relations with the leading international airlines. And thanks to wide extensive agent network we can respond quickly to your needs in the air freight field.

BTG Internationale Spedition is an active member of IFLN (International Freight Logistics Network) and moreover our head office is the official agent of IATA, which allows us to cooperate directly with all air carriers in the world.

In addition to the standard transportation scheme for an airfreight container in a passenger flight aircraft, our customers have more than once trusted us with the most complex and expensive discipline in this field: the full chartering of a cargo ship. Despite the tough schedule and huge responsibility, our professional managers carry out such tasks with special accuracy and the highest result, leaving no customers dissatisfied.

Air freight, as a promising direction of cargo delivery, is becoming more widespread in modern conditions. Air transportation is an essential service when it becomes necessary to quickly deliver the following goods:

  • components of electronic equipment
  • spare parts for high-tech equipment
  • samples of goods for exhibition events
  • components and accessories for laboratories and pilot plants
  • consumer goods
  • vehicles
  • humanitarian supplies

The critical parameters for goods of such categories are the exact observance of the delivery deadlines and ensuring the safety of the cargo. Therefore, in such cases, customers prefer air delivery.

it has been said that “fast is expensive” but it is not always relevant for the air transportation of goods. Competent and correctly constructed system of the organization of air freight in BTG allows to keep the parity of speed delivery and transportation cost of the cargo unit.

Besides to providing air transportation services we offer to our clients a wide range of additional services in the organization of air cargo:

  • collection of goods from the sender
  • warehousing of goods
  • checking the packaging for integrity, quality and compliance with standards
  • handling at the terminal
  • processing all necessary documentation
  • loading and unloading operations
  • cargo insurance
  • customs clearance
  • informing the client about the status of delivery at the all transportation stages
  • cargo delivery to the consignee

Qualitative execution of obligations in air cargo transportation testifies to the excellent reputation of BTG Internationale Spedition, the qualified approach to the organization of air transportation and the availability of reliable relations.

We will take on the task of organizing the whole airfreight of your goods – you only need to leave a request and get the terms of delivery by contacting us in any convenient way for you.

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