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BTG Internationale Spedition belongs to the medium-sized and innovative freight forwarding BTG Group (Bavaria Transport Group), which was founded in 1973 in Germany. Nowadays BTG employs over 600 highly-skilled, multilingual employees worldwide.

BTG (Bavaria Transport Group) Facts & Figures


years on the market
BTG has been on the market since 1973 and it is one of the largest transport companies in Germany


branches around the world
The BTG Group has more than 28 branches around the world and we are constantly growing


shipments per month
BTG Group transports more than 25,000 shipments monthly worldwide

Thanks to our extensive network of partners and branch offices we can offer you freight forwarding and logistics services using all modes of transport to ship your goods worldwide.

BTG Principles & Philosophy:

Full range of one-stop
logistics services
with a broad geography
Our employees are the most important assets of our company. The average length of company seniority in BTG is more than 15 years.
Modern IT
and cargo-tracking
Customer service is at
the center of our
thoughts and actions
It is our aim not only to
fulfil our clients’ expectations,
but to exceed them
made in Germany
German quality standards and
the reliability of a stable
international company

OOO BTG International Spedition Forwarding was founded in 2010 specifically to meet the growing demands in Russian and CIS markets.

Road freight

International transport company BTG Internationale Spedition (BAVARIA TRANSPORT GROUP) specializes in cargo transportation of general, oversized, dangerous, highvalue and modular cargo by road:
We can offer you:
Tilt trailers, jumbo trailers, mega-trailers, as well as road trains with a capacity up to 120 cubic meters
Box trucks, two-stage and two-compartment refrigerators for the transport of goods in different temperature modes

Air freight

The organization of airfreight is deservedly popular and the most up-to-date way of transportation of urgent, valuable and small-sized consignments. Quick delivery service with maximum cargo safety are the main features of air cargo transportation. Significantly exceeding the speed of delivery by any other types of transport, airfreight in many cases is the only possible and the most appropriate way of rapid transportation of goods to the point of destination. We have long-standing business relations with the leading international airlines.

Sea freight

The organization of sea freight is one of the priority activities of BTG Internationale Spedition (BAVARIA TRANSPORT GROUP). Thanks to long-term relations with the sea lines and extensive agency network, including membership in IFLN, our company successfully organizes transportation from any place in the world where there is access to the sea.
Our directions: Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, southern and northern America.
Our agents all over the world will coordinate the cargo

Rail freight

Traditionally, rail transportation is intended for transportation of large consignments over long distances in a short period of time both in Russia and in the CIS countries and in EU. In condition of strong competition international rail transportation is the most reliable, safe and relatively inexpensive type of freight. Depending on transported cargo containers or specialized wagons are used (tanks – for transporting liquid cargo, hoppers – for bulk cargo, flat racks – so-called flat platforms)

Features of rail transportation:

Delivery of goods of almost any size, characteristics and properties at any distances

Transportation of any volume, which is the most suitable way to deliver FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Distribution logistics

It is difficult to expect a dynamic business development without a well-established distribution of goods and satisfied customers. Moreover, it is quite expensive for many production and trading companies to establish own warehouses and employees in many countries. The best option for such companies will be distribution logistics services from BTG Internationale Spedition (BAVARIA TRANSPORT GROUP). We will take on all the work related to the delivery, storage and consolidation of order.
We offer:

Supply logistics

We suggest you entrust the purchase and delivery of the required materials, equipment and other goods from Europe, America and Asia in one hand, so that you can focus more on your core business. Supply logistics is a logistics section responsible for planning, ordering and procurement of goods such as equipment and components for production needs, materials for the construction of facilities etc. The purpose of supply logistics is to meet the needs of the enterprise in resources with the greatest possible savings.

Oversized cargo

BTG Internationale Spedition (BAVARIA TRANSPORT GROUP) has extensive experience in organizing the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo of any dimensions for the countries of the European Union, the territory of Russia and the CIS. Depending on your needs, the direction and nature of the cargo, international transportation of oversized cargo is carried out by different types of transport. However, the greatest popularity among our customers has delivery by car.
Features of transportation of oversized cargo:

It is important to take into account that oversized and heavy transportation is a special type of transportation, which requires strict observance by the carrier of a number of conditions. Such cargoes include:

Warehouse services

At the disposal of BTG group there are own warehouses in the Russian Federation, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. BTG offers a full range of safekeeping services in Russia and Europe.
We will provide:
collection of goods and acceptance from your suppliers;
handling operations;
storing cargos, including Customs transit goods by T-1;
storing goods which require special storage conditions

Customs clearance

Foreign economic activity is impossible without qualitative and fast Customs clearance. All types of goods carried across the border are obliged to pass this procedure. Incorrectly prepared documents can cause delays in delivery, bring huge financial losses, and also lead to criminal liability of the importer. And our team of professionals will help to avoid such unpleasant situations.
How we are working:
Customs clearance of goods is a responsible procedure

Freight insurance

Every manager needs to understand that the maximum liability of cargo carriers in the transportation of goods is limited by various rules, agreements and conventions, depending on the vehicle chosen by him.
In modern logistics and in traffic today a huge number of participants are involved, and thus the rare cases of damage with all our efforts, unfortunately, inevitable.
BTG Internationale Spedition recommends that all its customers insure each shipment at the full replacement value.

Our Routes:

BTG Internationale Spedition has been transporting goods all over the world for more than four decades.

We offer our customers comprehensive support in all phases of our cooperation.

Contact us at your earliest convenience, we will gladly advise and offer the best possible solution for your requirements!

Personal manager and flexible approach for each client is the key to success of our cooperation!

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